17 Pictures to Prove That Rhodes Should Be Your Next Greek Destination

Rodos, Rhodos or Rhodes, the fourth largest Greek island, is located at the southeastern edge of the archipelago of the Dodecanese and is separated from Turkey by the Straight of Marmara.

The “Island of the Sun”, nicknamed after its patron sun god Helios, was famous for the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Rhodes is an island with 5000 years of history. It was occupied by the Persians, Romans, Ottomans, Arabs, Knights of Saint John, Italians, Germans and even the British.

I spent one week exploring this exquisite Greek island, learning about its glorious and turbulent past, discovering hidden villages, taking a dip in its glistening blue water beaches, and savouring its delectable cuisine. I can confess that was truly impressed and fascinated by Rhodes!

Having just returned from the island, I selected 17 of my favourite pictures to prove that Rhodes should be your next Greek destination.

Aerial view of people walking along the three windmills by the sea, Rhodes, Greece

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15 Reasons to Visit Rhodes, Greece

1 – Rhodes has a captivating Old Town, which is a UNESCO Heritage Site and one of the most well-preserved and extraordinary medieval cities in Europe.

Aerial view of the medieval city of Rhodes, Greece
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2 – Throughout its centuries of history, Rhodes was inhabited by different people who have left their mark on the island. You can witness it in the Rhodesian art, language, and architecture.

Among these architectural treasures, you find the Palace of the Grand Master, a masterpiece of architecture built in the 14th century by the Knights of Saint John and one of the best things to do in Rhodes.

Palace of the Grand Master, Rhodes, Greece
The Palace of the Grand Master was one of the places on Rhodes that impressed me the most!

3 – Rhodes boasts more than 210 Km of coastline and the beaches are very diverse. However, they all have a thing in common, an alluring crystalline blue water.

Red Beach, Rhodes, Greece
I never knew that there was a Red Beach on Rhodes!

Even the urban beaches, such as Elli Beach, one of the most popular beaches in the city of Rhodes, feature outrageously crystal-clear water.

Aerial view of Elli Beach, Rhodes, Greece

4 – Discover that the beaches on Rhodes are not only good for swimming and water sports, but they are also very scenic and Instagrammable.


5 – Rhodes is blessed with a diverse landscape, favourable climatic conditions and unique fauna and flora.

You’ll find sites of outstanding beauty all around the island. Among them is the world-famous Butterfly Valley, a 600-acre natural park with walking trails, waterfalls, benches and millions of butterflies.

Butterfly Valley, Rhodes, Greece

6 – There are 43 towns and villages on the island of Rhodes. Lindos, located 55 Km from the capital, is, undoubtedly, the most enchanting one.

It has a picture-perfect scenery with a hilltop acropolis, whitewashed houses, cobblestone alleys and charming traditional captain’s houses.

Aerial view of the city of Lindos, Greece

7 – Once in Lindos, you just can’t miss its Acropolis. It stands at 116m above sea level and houses the Temple of Athena Lindia constructed in the 4th century.

Pericles Rosa wearing sunglasses, salmon shirt, beige shorts and white trainers, posing for a picture ar Lindos Acropolis, Rhodes, Greece
An acropolis with a sea view seems out-of-this-world to me…

8 – While Rhodes, Lindos and Faliraki get most of the attention, there are many other villages to visit, such as the idyllic Koskinou, which features distinctive colourful architecture, leafy alleys and courtyards decorated with mosaics and plants.

A house at Koskinou Village, Rhodes, Greece

9 – You can explore Rhodes on foot (there are several hiking routes), by bike (very popular on the island), by boat (just take a boat tour) or by kayak, my favourite.

Two men kayaking in the village of Haraki with the Castle of Feraklos atop of a hill in the background, Rhodes, Greece
Passing by Feraklos Castle, in Haraki, when kayaking to the Red Beach with Trekking Hellas

10 – Rhodes had a brilliant defensive system during the Knight’s period, 1309 to 1522, with 11 castles spread around the island.

During your visit, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit a castle or two. They offer incredible views, especially during the sunset.

Pericles Rosa, wearing a blue polo and beige shorts, at the ruins of Monolithos,
Castle, Rhodes, Greece
Monolithos Castle

11 – Take in stunning vistas from your favourite viewpoint. It can be a castle, an ancient city, or the balcony of your hotel room. My beloved is Tsambika Monastery.

A man wearing an orange tank top and colourful shorts admiring the view of Tsambika Beach from Tsambika Monastery, Rhodes, Greece
It provides a breathtaking view!

12 – While in Greece, indulge yourself in Greek cuisine. Greek salad, Moussaka, Dolmades, Souvlaki, Baklava, Fava, Melekouni, Greek yogurt… Hmmm, mouthwatering… Try the wine too! They are very good and inexpensive.

A Greek salad at Paragas Restaurant, Apóllona Village, Greece
A Greek salad always tastes better in Greece! – Paraga Restaurant, Apóllona Village

13 – Fall in love with Greek products! Olive oil soaps, homemade jams, local wines, award-winning olive oils, Souma, flavoured jars of honey, delicacies, hand-crafted pottery, cosmetics made with bee wax, black orchid, aloe vera, etc. It’s going to be hard to resist!

Greek Pottery on sale at Savvas Ceramic, Lindos, Greece
Can I get one of each, please? 🙂 Savvas Ceramic, Lindos

14 – Kamiros is one of the ancient cities on the island (Lindos and Ialysos are the other two), that dates back to 408 BC and prospered for three centuries during its Golden Age.

If you like archaeological sites, you will love the Ancient City of Kamiros. It is one of the most important and oldest Greek cities and was built resembling an amphitheatre on a hillside with a view to the sea.

The Ancient City of Kamiros, Rhodes, Greece

15 – Occupied throughout history by people with different creeds, Rhodes has temples to Greek Gods, mosques, synagogues, and churches.

If you’re interested in visiting religious sites during your trip, don’t miss out on the picturesque Monastery of Panagia Filerimos and the Church of Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, which has astonishing colourful frescoes.

Pericles Rosa wearing a blue polo, beige shorts and white trainers on the steps og The Monastery of Filerimos, Ancient City of Ialysos, Greece
The Monastery of Filerimos is located in the Ancient City of Ialysos

These are just 17 pictures to show you that Rhodes should be your next Greek destination.

I can confess that after my visit I asked myself why I hadn’t visited this island before.

The island has everything to please any type of traveller, from keen historians to outdoor enthusiasts, beachgoers and all-inclusive lovers.

If you haven’t visited Rhodes yet what are you waiting for? You won’t find many places that compare to the fascinating history, and natural beauty of Rhodes.

Safe travels and have fun on Rodhes.

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17 Pictures to Prove That Rhodes Should Be Your Next Greek Destination 1

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Where is Rhodes?

Rhodes is situated 363 Km (226 mi) from the Greek mainland, and 18 km (11 mi) from the southern shore of Turkey (check the exact location here).

How to get there?

You can get to Rhodes by ferry or plane.

  • By plane

Rhodes has two airports: a military airport, situated in Maritsa village, and an international one called Diagoras International Airport (RHO), which is the main island airport and it’s located just north of the village Paradeisi, about 14 km southwest of the capital city, Rodos.

You can book your flights with Skyscanner, which is the website that I use and trust.

  • By ferry

There are ferries to Rhodes from other Dodecanese Islands, Cyclades Islands, Athens and Turkey. Check schedules and prices here.

How to get around?

There’s a bus terminal in the capital, Rhodes, connecting the city with other villages on the island.

You can get around by bus, but my recommendation is to rent a car. It’s easier and more convenient. I hired a car with Queen Rental and I was very satisfied with its service.

You can also do some searches on Rental Cars and Discover Cars to compare prices.

What’s the best time to visit Rhodes?

Rhodes has a Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild winters and a whopping 300 glorious sunshine days a year.

You can visit the island from April to November, but the best time is during the shoulder seasons, May/June and September/October.

July and August are the busiest and hottest months, and temperatures can reach up to 40C.

Where to stay on Rhodes?

I suggest staying at least five days on the island. You can stay 3 days in Rhodes and 2 in Lindos.

I stayed 8 nights, 6 in Rhodes at Semiramis City Hotel, and 2 in Lindos at the gorgeous Melenos Art Boutique Hotel.

Where to eat?

There isn’t a shortage of good restaurants on Rhodes, but my favourites are:

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