Things to do in Edinburgh

What do in 3 Days in Edinburgh

Edinburgh I don’t know how many of you’ve ever considered taking a trip to Edinburgh. Scotland’s capital isn’t as popular as Paris, Barcelona or Rome but it is the United Kingdom’s second most popular tourist destination after London…

travel to Cuba travel costs things to do in Havana

Cuba Travel Costs – Per Day / Destination

How much does it cost to travel to Cuba? Below you will find my Cuba travel costs per day / destination 😉
When I first thought about travelling to Cuba, the first question I had to ask myself was How much do things cost in Cuba? I had no idea

things to do in valencia points of interest 3 days in valencia

7 Best Things to do in Valencia, Spain

Looking for what to do in Valencia? Read on for my 7 Best Things to Do in Valencia based on my several visits to the city and start planning your trip right now.
Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain and was founded in 138 BC.