10 Tips to Follow When Visiting Brazil

Are you planning a trip to Brazil, one of the largest and most amazing countries in the world? Here are ten Brazil travel tips to follow during your visit 😉

Every year, millions of tourists choose to visit this extraordinary country, but you have to be well prepared if you want to enjoy your Brazilian holiday without mishap.

First of all, you have to be aware of the required travel documents. Travel Visa Pro can help you with that, especially if you are in a need of a visa.

Of course, for a spectacular travel experience, it is not enough just to possess the right papers but also to have knowledge of which situations to avoid during your stay.

This article will guide you through the basic travel tips you need to follow when visiting Brazil.

Brazil tarvel tips
Rio, one of the most visited cities in Brazil.

10 Brazil Travel Tips to Follow During Your Visit

1 – Protect yourself

It’s good to start with the basics: protecting your body with the right creams and products and take the necessary vaccines.

You do not want to have sunburn or a million mosquito bites when visiting Brazil.

a green boat surrounded on a river by trees in the Amazon rainforest
It’s mandatory to take the yellow fever vaccine to visit the Amazon.

2 – Be careful with street food and drinks

For the sake of your health, it’s also good to be careful with street food and drinks, especially mixed seafood which can be hard to identify. And it might be a good idea to avoid cheap wine or unknown alcoholic drinks.

Do not accept unidentified drinks because they might not just make you ill but also get you into serious trouble if used by unscrupulous people.

3 – Watch your belongings 

One of the most important Brazil travel tips is to avoid wearing valuables where others can see them.

This is applicable to items such as cameras, jewellery, credit cards and cash.

It’s particularly valid when you are at the beach, where you should never leave your belongings unattended.

Copacabana Beach, Rio.
Watch you belongings at all time especially when you visit overcrowded beaches such as Copacabana and Ipanema.

4 – Withdraw money before 10:00 PM

Be aware that you can’t withdraw money from ATM’s after 10:00 PM, as they’re closed because of local regulations.

Also, if it is possible, use ATM’s in safe spaces like your hotel, banks and in brightly lit areas.

5 – Take official taxis and use service from reliable guides 

On the streets, do not accept services from unmarked street taxis and city guides. And you may want to avoid the favelas because it can be very dangerous unless you’re taking a favela tour with a guide.

It’s important that you know which routes you want to use when travelling, as getting help in English is not always easy and can lead you in the wrong direction.

The façade of the Teatro Municipal, Rio de Janeiro.
Teatro Municipal, Rio.

6 – Be careful when making new friends

Brazilians are very friendly, but be careful when making new friends whilst enjoying the Brazilian nightlife or accepting a private invitation from a stranger.

Also, as a tourist, it is always a good idea to not wander the streets alone after dark.

7 – Be patient

Brazil is a crowded country where patience is an asset. It’s better not to be impatient or try to hurry things, as locals like to take their time.

A moqueca served on Boipeba Island
Be patient, especially in restaurants in the northeast where the service isn’t that fast.
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8 – Portuguese is the official language

It’s also important to remember that Portuguese is spoken in Brazil and not Spanish (and it’s not called Brazilian).

Additionally, do not use the OK hand gesture because it means something pretty rude in Brazil.

9 – Be cultural sensitive 

Brazil is highly multicultural with several ethnic groups, so you have to be very sensitive when speaking about racial, religious or cultural issues.

Do not attempt to guess people’s cultural backgrounds based on their looks.

People dressed in costumes to enjoy the Brazilian Carnival
Brazilians can look similar but also very different….

10 – Pack adequately

Brazil is a huge country with several different climate areas.

Therefore, you must also consider which parts of the country you are planning to visit, and when, in order to pack the right clothing and shoes.

You want to avoid freezing in the mountains or getting sunstroke on a beach.

Grumari Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
It can get very hot, like in Rio for example, but it can also snow in the South.

Every traveller knows that part of the fun and joy of a foreign holiday is the fact that there could be challenges and even danger.

The most important thing is to take care of your health and safety and it’s essential to be culturally aware.

Brazil is wonderful but can be dangerous if you don’t pay attention to these tips.

If you are alert and take the necessary precautions before and during your trip, you can have a great time in Brazil.

Safe travels and have fun in Brazil!

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