Beaches in Bahia: The 7 Best & Most Beautiful Ones (+Map)

Are you planning to visit the beaches in Bahia, Brazil? Below are the 7 best and most beautiful ones 😉

Like many Brazilians, beaches for me are like oxygen.

I’ve lived most of my life in Bahia and even though my city isn’t on the coast, I used to go to the beach almost every weekend.

My beloved home state has the longest coastline in Brazil at over 1200 Km (745 mi) and some of its most striking and best beaches.

The beaches in Bahia are dotted with coconut trees, soft sand and warm water and can be enjoyed all year round.

With so many options to choose from, I decided to make a list of the 7 best Bahia beaches, so next time you visit this very unique and extraordinary state, you will already know where to go.

Beaches in Bahia Praia do Espelho, Porto Seguro, Bahia South Coast, Brazil
Praia do Espelho was considered the third most beautiful in Brazil.

Are you planning a last-minute trip to Bahia?

If you’re booking your trip to Bahia last minute, I have you covered. Below are some of the best tours, hotels and more!

🇧🇷 Popular tours/activities in Salvador (and nearby):

  1. Top-rated city tour in Salvador – Discover the first capital of Brazil (top-selling tour)
  2. Day trip to Praia do Forte and Guarajuba Beach (pickup and drop-off included)
  3. Morro de São Paulo island transfer service from Salvador (there’s also this day trip option)
  4. Transfer Salvador to/from Boipeba Island (highly-rated transfer)

🛌 Best places to stay in Bahia:

  1. Salvador: ⭐️ Axé Home ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Hit Hotel ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Fera Palace Hotel
  2. Morro de São Paulo: ⭐️ Che Lagarto Hostel ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Pousada Bahia Bella ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Villa dos Corais
  3. Boipeba Island: ⭐️ Pousada Sossego ⭐️⭐️⭐️ O Céu de Boipeba ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Pousada Mangabeiras

🛫 Want to get from Salvador Airport to the city centre? Find the best hassle-free transfer options here!

The 7 Best Beaches in Bahia, Brazil

1 – Praia de Moreré, Ilha de Boipeba

Located in the Tinharé Archipelago, 240 Km (150 mi) from Salvador, Bahia’s capital, Ilha de Boipeba was elected by Trip Advisor in 2013 as the second-best island in South America.

Boipeba Island is home to a dense Atlantic forest, with salt marshes, sand dunes and extensive mangroves, with luscious coconut trees framing the beaches.

There are many gorgeous beaches in Boipeba, but Moreré isn’t only the most beautiful one on the island but in the whole state.

Famous for its crystal clear warm water pools and coral reefs, Praia de Moreré is perfect for snorkelling and swimming. There are many pools at this beach, but the best ones are located offshore. These can be accessed only at low tide and you need to take a boat to get there.

beaches in Bahia
The crystal-clear water of Moreré Beach.

I love Boipeba for its simplicity and authenticity and it’s one of the best places to visit in Bahia!

When you’re in the Tinharé Archipelago, be sure to visit Moreré as it’s the best and most beautiful beach in Bahia.

Boipeba Beaches in Bahia South Coast
Praia de Moreré, the most beautiful beach in Bahia.

Quick tip:

  • Other beaches in Boipeba that you shouldn’t miss are Cueira and Castelhanos.

Further reading: 

2 – Praia do Espelho, Trancoso

Located in Trancoso, a township of Porto Seguro, Mirror Beach was elected in 2009 by the leading Brazilian travel guide, Guia Quatro Rodas, as the third most beautiful beach in Brazil.

Praia do Espelho had been on my must-visit list for a long time and I finally had the opportunity to visit it at the beginning of 2018. As soon as I arrived I fell in love with it and it immediately became one of my favourite beaches in Bahia.

With crystal-clear turquoise warm and calm water, soft sand, and white and red-yellowish cliffs covered with exuberant vegetation, Mirror Beach leaves all visitors in awe.

beaches in Bahia
The paradisiac part of Praia do Espelho.

This beach is divided into two parts, one with hotels and restaurants, and the other completely quiet and untouched.

At low tide, Mirror Beach is even more beautiful because of the contrast between the turquoise water and the coral reefs. This is also when natural pools are formed and the beach becomes even more pleasant.

I spent the whole day at Praia do Espelho, sunbathing, relaxing, feeling the warm breeze and drinking caipirinha. I loved it!

Praia do Espelho is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bahia and you can’t miss it when you visit Porto Seguro / Trancoso!

Quick tips:

  • Other beautiful beaches in Porto Seguro are Praia dos Nativos and Taípe.
  • Many restaurants in Praia do Espelho charge a minimum consumption that can vary according to the time of year. I was there during New Year’s Eve and it was US$ 80 / for 2 people.

3 – Taipu de Fora, Península de Maraú

Taipu de Fora is one of the most stunning beaches in Bahia with crystal-clear warm water and lavish coconut trees.

The big difference is the huge natural pool (1 km long x 500m wide x 6m deep) that forms in Taipu de Fora at low tide. It’s the only one in Brazil of this size that is accessible without a boat.

With rich marine life, this pool is perfect for snorkelling, diving, swimming and doing Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

From the pool, you also have a breathtaking view of the beach and will understand why it’s considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Bahia.

Beaches in Bahia South Coast
The best view of Taipu de Fora!

Taipu de Fora is a very long beach, 7 Km (4.3 mi) and has soft sand and massive coconut trees that extend far beyond the eye.

It’s perfect for long walks and running or just sunbathing and relaxing in one of the bars and restaurants.

beaches in bahia
The other side of Taipu de Fora.

Taipei de Fora, the main attraction of the Maraú Peninsula, is located on the South Coast of Bahia and was considered by the leading Brazilian travel magazine, Viagem e Turismo, and also by Guia Quatro Rodas, as one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

4 – Praia da Engenhoca, Itacaré

Itacaré, the surf mecca in Bahia and one of the best beach towns in Brazil, is located in the South of Bahia and only became nationally known when a tarred ecological road connecting the city to Ilhéus was opened in 1998.

There are so many whimsical beaches in Itacaré that it’s very hard to decide which is the most beautiful one. But Praia da Engenhoca is the one on my list of the best beaches in Bahia.

To access Engenhoca, you need to park your car on the road and walk approximately 15-20min through the Atlantic forest that remains in the “Cocoa Coast”.

Once you arrive, you will see a small sheltered beach in the middle of two hills covered with sumptuous vegetation; behind you, there’ll be the rainforest forest and stream water coming from the jungle and running unpretentiously to the sea.

Praia da Engenhoca, Itacaré
Praia da Engenhoca is one of the most secluded beaches in Bahia.

The beach has a very simple infrastructure with a few restaurants, and most of the people you will find are surfers.

Praia da Engenhoca is completely untouched, secluded and truly a piece of paradise! A perfect place for unwinding and forgetting the vicissitudes of life.

beaches in bahia
I just love Itacaré!

Quick Tips:

  • The other wild beaches near Praia da Engenhoca, such as Havaizinho and Itacarezinho are very nice as well. And the best beach in Itacaré’s city center is Praia da Ribeira.

5 – Quarta Praia, Morro de São Paulo

Morro de São Paulo, also located in the Tinharé Archipelago, only 60 km from Salvador, is undoubtedly one of the most famous places in Bahia.

During the 1970s this fishing village was still very undeveloped and did not have electricity 24 hours a day until 1985.

Since then, Morro de São Paulo has been discovered by tourists, starting with hippies and backpackers who spread the word and vacationers from nearby towns who visit the island to explore its gorgeous beaches with clear and warm water surrounded by Atlantic forests.

Nowadays Morro is full of foreigners, especially Israelis and Argentinians who come to enjoy this so-called “Tropical Paradise”. Even though the village changed with the increase in tourism it still preserves some old landmarks.

The beaches in Morro de São Paulo are extraordinary!

Among them, the Quarta Praia (Fourth Beach), a 4 km (2,5 mi) long beach, with impressive vegetation, is a haven of shimmering shallows with fine and flawless sand.

Beaches in Bahia Morro de Sao Paulo
The Fourth Beach, Morro de São Paulo.

The best thing about Quarta Praia is that there aren’t any beachfront hotels or restaurants like at the other beaches in Morro de São Paulo. Instead, you find opulent vegetation and a few kiosks.

You can spend some time swimming in its natural pools, walking or resting underneath the trees.

Beaches in Bahia Morro de Sao Paulo
Be careful with the coral reefs when you go to those pools.

Of course, I couldn’t leave Morro de São Paulo off my list of the most beautiful beaches in Bahia.

Quick Tips:

  • The easiest way to get to Morro de São Paulo is to fly to Salvador and then take another flight with Abaté Linhas Aéreas to Morro.
  • Which one is better, Morro de São Paulo or Boipeba? Boipeba, definitely! It’s much more authentic and less touristy than Morro. But you can visit both because they are part of the same archipelago.

Further reading: What to Do in Morro de São Paulo, Brazil

6 – Ponta do Mutá, Barra Grande

During my trip to Barra Grande, I committed myself to exploring and discovering the best beaches in the Maraú Península.

This region on the “Palm Oil Coast” of Bahia only became popular a couple of years ago. Nowadays many famous people such as Neymar, the Brazilian soccer star have houses there or go there on holiday, to enjoy some of the most gorgeous beaches in Bahia.

Access to Ponta do Mutá is via a very narrow road and upon arrival, you find some restaurants, a blue ocean on one side and golden sand and green bay waters surrounded by luxurious vegetation on the other.

I was completely astonished by Ponta do Mutá’s unique and perfect combination!

Ponta do Mutá, Bahia
So beautiful, isn’t it?

You can go swimming, kayaking, do Stand Up Paddle Boarding, play footvolley, walk, run, dance (there’s a very famous beach bar there – Café de la Musique), or just sit on a beach chair, drink caipirinhas and feel the breeze and the warm water touching your feet as I did.

Ponta do Mutá
Life couldn’t be better!

Quick tips:

  • Don’t miss the sunset at Ponta do Mutá because it is amazing!!
  • Praia dos Três Coqueiros is another beautiful beach in Barra Grande that you shouldn’t miss.

7 – Praia do Forte, Mata de São João

The only beach around Salvador, on my list, is Praia do Forte, one of the best beach resorts in Brazil.

This fisherman’s village from the sixteenth century is located 70 km north of Salvador and, despite undergoing some changes due to tourism, still preserves some of its charms.

I’ve been to Praia do Forte several times. The last time was in 2015 when I saw some tuk-tuks taking people from the parking lot to the village. It was the first time I saw a tuk-tuk in Bahia / Brazil…

Yet, the beaches remain as beautiful as during my first visit, with waving gigantic coconut trees, soft sand and natural pools with clear and warm waters.

beaches in Bahia
Praia do Papa Gente, Praia do Forte

With more than 12 km of alluring beaches, dozens of restaurants and stores, souvenir shops, hotels, a very picturesque church, an old lighthouse and one of the first marine turtle conservation projects in Brazil, Praia do Forte is the perfect getaway while you’re in Salvador.

Praia do Forte
Spending the day at Praia do Praia do Forte is a wonderful idea!

Quick Tips:

  • Another place in Bahia’s North Coast worth visiting is Imabassaí, which is located only 10 Km from Praia do Forte.
  • Some of the best beaches in Salvador are: Stella Maris, Flamengo and Porto da Barra beach.

This is a short list of the 7 best and most beautiful beaches in Bahia, but there are many others.

There’s a Bahia best beaches map below so you can have a better idea of the exact location of each.

Safe travels and enjoy the beaches in Bahia.

I always recommend that you buy travel insurance! It can literally be your lifeline if something happens to you, or your luggage is lost or stolen.

Beaches in Bahia: The 7 Best & Most Beautiful Ones (+Map) 1

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Planning a Trip to Bahia Best Beaches

Where is Bahia?

Bahia is located in the northeastern part of Brazil on the Atlantic coast (check the map here).

How to get to the best beaches in Bahia?

To Costa do Dendê (Palm Oil Coast): the main city in Costa do Dendê is Valença and there aren’t direct flights to this city.

From Valença you can take a speed boat to Morro de São Paulo and Boipeba.

Another option is to fly to Salvador and then take a catamaran to Morro de São Paulo or book this transfer. From Morro, you can go to Boipeba by boat or car + boat.

There are also private flights from Salvador to both places.

To go to Península de Maraú, which is located 200 km (124 mi) from Salvador and 150 km (93mi) from Ilhéus, you can take a ferry from Salvador to Camamu, then a speed boat to Península de Maraú.

Another option is to drive towards Camamu and then take one of those two roads: BA 001 or BR-030 (unpaved road).

There are also buses departing from Ilhéus, Itabuna, Salvador and Feira de Santana to Camamu and Valença with the companies Águia Branca and Cidade Sol.

To Costa do Cacau (Cocoa Coast): the easiest way is to fly to Aeroporto Jorge Amado in Ilhéus, then drive or get a transfer to Itacaré.

To Costa do Descobrimento (Discovery Coast): the easiest way is to fly to Aeroporto Internacional de  Porto Seguro and then rent a car to visit the villages and cities nearby.

You can book your flights with Skyscanner, which is the website that I use and trust.

I really recommend you hire a car while in Bahia to make your life easier. You can hire yours with Rental Cars without any additional cost here.

Best time to visit Bahia?

The best time to visit Bahia is during the summer (from December to March) when there are more people, more fun and more festivals.

You can also go during the low season: after carnival until April and from September to November. You should avoid visiting Bahia from May to August when there’s more rainfall.

Where to stay in Bahia?

Morro de São Paulo Hotels: 
Budget: Che Lagarto Hostel and Pousada Villa Bahia.
Great Cost/Benefit: Pousada Bahia Bella and Bangalô dos Sonhos.
Luxury: Villa dos Corais, Pousada Minha Louca Paixão and Vila dos Orixás Boutique Hotel.

Boipeba Hotels:

Budget: Abaquar Hostel and Pousada Sossego.
Great Cost/Benefit: O Céu de Boipeba and Pousada Vila da Barra.
Luxury: Pousada Mangabeiras

Barra Grande Hotels:

Budget: Ganga Zumba Hostel & Suítes and Pousada das Roseiras.
Great Cost/Benefit: Pousada Galeão Santa Anna and Taipabas Hotel
Luxury: Pousada Encanto da Lua and Villa Kandui Boutique Hotel

Itacaré Hotels:

Budget: Pousada Ilha Verde and Che Lagarto Hostel
Great Cost/Benefit: Pousada Vila do Dengo and Pousada Recanto do Dendê
Luxury: Vila Barracuda Boutique Hotel, Ecoporan Hotel and Txai Resort

Porto Seguro Hotels:
Budget: Pousada Brisa do Mar and Hotel Costa Verde
Great Cost/Benefit: Hotel Solar do Imperador, Quinta do Sol and Capoeira Village
Luxury: Resort Villaggio Arcobaleno and Arraial D’ajuda Eco Resort.

Trancoso Hotels:
Budget: Villa Nobre Diniglei, Casa da Cosmira and  Pousada Mar Azul
Great Cost/Benefit: Pousada Recanto do Sol, Pousada Jardim das Margaridas and Pousada Hospedaria do Quadrado
Luxury: Pousada Capim Santo, Hotel Boutique Bahia Bonita and Pousada Estrela D’Água

Praia do Forte Hotels:
Praia do Forte Hostel and Praia do Forte Suites
Great Cost / Benefit:
Pousada Ogum Marinho, Porto Zarpa Hotel and Hotel Eco Atlântico
Luxury: Refúgio da Vila, Iberostar Praia do Forte and Tivoli Ecoresort

Have you been to Bahia? What do you think of my list? Let me know in the comments below 😉

Don’t forget to save it for later 😉

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