5 Greek Holidays For Sun Seekers

For many people, Greece is a fantastic choice for a short break. Whether you’re looking for winter sun, an Easter break or simply enjoying a good summer holiday, Greece has something to offer everyone.

What this means is that you can enjoy time off work, consider a family getaway, a romantic retreat or a friends group holiday at a place that promises loads of sunshine and is brimming with seasonal festivities and customs that are worth becoming a part of.

Here are the top five destinations in Greece that will deliver sunny, relaxing holidays full of exciting experiences, in anticipation pretty much any time of the year.

5 Greek Holidays for Sun Seekers

1) Indulge in Cretan Hospitality

Cretan hospitality is one of the most celebrated in the country, as Cretans are always looking for an excuse for a feast! If you are familiar with the Cretan mentality you can safely assume that any festivities will involve… Raki!

The capital of the island, Heraklion, provides the perfect mix between city and seaside so you can still enjoy all the urban pleasures of staying in a city, especially this one that is absolutely inundated with landmarks.

There are a plethora of cool hotels and homes for rent in Greece, and so many things to do in Crete. Are you a fan of golf perhaps? Then you can also experience the newest development at Crete Golf Club, which is easily accessible from the city.

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Average temperatures in winter are around 15C and sunshine is always guaranteed. Which makes Crete one of the 10 best destinations for winter sun in Europe.

If you want to visit during Easter, you will also be enthused by the customs that almost come to greet you as you stroll the streets that smell like rosewater and incense on Good Friday.

Be sure to gather around Herakoklion’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the city’s patron saint St. Minas, and observe the beautiful procession of the ‘ephitaphios’ which is revered by the faithful, followed by the traditional ‘Magiritsa’ soup dinner, which should be noted, is not suitable for vegetarians.

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Being a capital city, Heraklion lends itself to a wide range of holiday types whether you are a family, a couple, a group of friends or even on a business trip, and you will easily find some great Cretan restaurants serving local food and even international cuisine to suit any needs and tastes.

Furthermore, a trip to this largest Greek island cannot be complete without visiting Crete beaches. Some of them are among the best beaches in Europe!

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2) Experience Genuine Island Luxury

The largest and the greenest island of the Cyclades cluster, one of the least explored and a popular alternative to its more well-known siblings: Santorini to its south and Mykonos to its north.

Which island are we talking about? It’s Naxos. Whether are taking a Mediterranean cruise or travelling on your own, you should include Naxos on your itinerary.

An island that boasts its version of the classic white Cycladic beauty, packed with cube-shaped houses and medieval Venetian castles.

It is the proud bearer of many imposing ancient ruins; it is home to many well-populated villages brimming with local customs and traditions, all of which, in addition to its immaculate natural beauty, offer the visitor a myriad of genuine experiences to be had, with a bit of luxury on the side.


Visiting the Cyclades’ ‘green leaf’ opens up a world of opportunities for the visitor to seize, making his/her holiday experience a glimpse into ‘the good life’.

Naxos has been given the gift of fertility by the ancient gods, this is a figurative garden of local flavours for you to savour, plus numerous activities to keep you fit and active, and many more experiences to feed your spirit.

For many, it is an unexplored, off-the-beaten-track destination – visit it and find out for yourself.

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3) Choose a Serene Bay in the Peloponnese

A favourite among Greeks too due to its proximity to Athens and being a hub for onward exploration, Porto Heli is a mainland, coastal destination that has a long-standing tradition of being considered a holiday retreat.

Thick woodland that meets golden, sandy shores creates a magical landscape of Porto Heli Bay offering relaxing, soothing moments that scream summer. With the green islet of Hinitsa directly opposite the alluring bay and a private pier directly onto the beach, Spetses Island in the Saronic Gulf is within your nautical reach for a day excursion!

Being on the Peloponnese mainland has its advantages, as you can easily make your way by car to the impressive ancient Epidaurus theatre, the iconic archaic Mycenaean civilization remnants as well as Greece’s first capital city (before Athens), Nafplion, a gorgeous, modern-day city.

Choosing to spend your holidays in Porto Heli gives you plenty of options to fill your days with adventures that feed the inquisitive soul too.

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4) Combine a Short Break and a Spa Break!

If it’s pampering and rejuvenation you are looking to get out of your holiday or short break, then look no further than one of Europe’s top 10 medical, thermal, & natural spas. Also accessible by car from Athens, is the coastal Edipsos.

Its spas are suited mostly to adults who seek to find their inner balance while nurturing their skin and deeply relaxing muscles and nerves.

A world of wellness awaits the guest, offering a plethora of anti-ageing, anti-stress, detox, beauty and weight loss treatments and therapies. It might add up to your Greece travel budget, but it’s totally worthwhile.

Children are welcome and since wellness is not associated with age, they can also enjoy the various aspects of the well-appointed spa facilities, plus several activities that revolve around fitness in general.

A historic location for natural springs known for its healing powers since 1897, it is an ideal destination for achieving regeneration from the core.

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5) Smooth Sailing Through Spring Break

Now, if you want to see a handful of breathtaking Greek destinations, with a given factor being the generous Greek sunshine and don’t know where to start, yachting is a great recommendation.

It is easy, smooth, comfortable and convenient and accumulates all the best highlights in a single journey, thus becoming a refreshing voyage of discovery that surrounds you with new, exciting visuals every single day.

Opting to set sail on the Greek coast, will bring you one step closer to exploring Greece’s antiquity by also combining cruising which is a favourite pastime in the Aegean sea.

You will feel liberated beyond anticipation by waking up to greet your daily horizon which is none other than the mystical blue.

5 Greek Holidays For Sun Seekers 5
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