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Do you want to save money when buying a RyanAir ticket? Here are simple tips and tricks that can save you a couple of pounds.

RyanAir often offers some crazy deals that are very hard to resist. If you like to travel, like me, and are in Europe, these budget airlines are the best option to travel around the old continent, and a bit further as well (North Africa and the Middle East).

If you’re planning to travel more this year, flying with Ryan Air is definitely a smart choice, because the tickets have very good value for money and they fly to 215 destinations in 37 countries.

Here’s the thing now: after selecting your destination and dates, RyanAir will give you four ticket options: Value, Regular, Plus and Flexi Plus. The Value, the cheapest option, only allows travellers to take a small bag (backpack) with them.

While choosing the Regular, travellers can take two cabin bags (small bag + hand luggage), a Priority Pass (to board first) plus the choice to reserve a seat.

But if you want to take your hand luggage with you when flying with Ryan Air, and don’t really mind selecting a seat, pay attention to this very simple tip to save some money. Pick the Value ticket option, press Continue and then add the priority pass.

It will cost you much less so you can save some money.

Even if you want to reserve your seat, it will be cheaper to pick the Value + the Priority Pass + select your seats.

If you don’t care about which seat will be allocated to you, like me, this trick can help you to save at least £20.

With this money, you can pay for the bus ticket to the airport, a tour, etc.

If you’re travelling as part of a group, the money you will save will make a big difference in your travel costs. And you know that you can always try to change seats during the flight, don’t you?

This video is a simulation of a roundtrip ticket purchase from London to Faro, Portugal, and I would save £21 only using this trick.

Another tip, I also never put the exact day that I’m travelling, I always put one day before or after, so the demand for the day that I really want to travel won’t be high because of the “high search volume” and the ticket won’t get more expensive.

So, next time you buy your ticket, use my RyanAir tips and tricks to save some money.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below.

Press play and have fun 😉

Watch the Video: RyanAir Tips & Tricks – How to Save Money When Buying a RyanAir Ticket

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