How to Find the Best Parking in Heathrow Airport

Are you heading to Heathrow Airport and wondering which one is the best parking option?

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Let’s just assume you’ve already ironed out all the details of your upcoming trip. You’ve booked a promo flight to a dream destination, you’ve managed to score the ideal Airbnb getaway like this one published on CN Traveler, and came up with your own four- or five-day itinerary. There will be a couple of snags here and there, but at the end of it all, all’s well that end’s well, right?

Come to think of it, there’s one somewhat obscure part of traveling that involves our vehicles, their spaces (or lack thereof), and the world’s aviation industry. We’re talking about the mechanics – and importance – of finding airport parking.

Not only is it an added cost to any trip, airport parking also proves to be an inconvenience especially if we overlook this aspect in our travels.

To help you pass with flying colors, we’ve compiled some tips on how to find the best parking spaces, cut the cost, and ultimately enjoy the rest of your trip.

Heathrow Airport
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Consider an Airport Hotel as an Alternative

It’s like hitting two birds with one stone, in a sense that picking a nearby hotel gives you a relatively cheaper long-term parking option, as well as a one-night stay – perfect for early morning or late night flights. Say you’re traveling from London’s busiest landing field; one of the best choices would be to pick from either on- or off-airport hotel parking.

Parking4Less who operate out of Heathrow Airport list essential information regarding this method. Under their Heathrow Airport Hotels page, there are on-airport hotels such as Premier Inn and Park Inn, as well as off-airport hotels like Sheraton. This helps British travelers decide and determine the pros and cons of each.

I really recommend you to book a hotel and don’t try to sleep at Heathrow Airport because you can regret it.

Heathrow Airport
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Pre-Book Parking Spaces Ahead of Time

If choosing an airport hotel isn’t your thing, then you should consider reserving a parking slot ahead of time. Nick Trend of The Telegraph advises travelers to book one to two days before their scheduled flight to enjoy maximum savings. This simply means, the earlier you put your name down, the more likely you are to cut its cost.

Again, let’s take a page out of Heathrow Airport’s book. If you were to drive up to its long-stay carpark without any form of arrangement, a one-week holiday would set you back a whopping £200. However, by reserving a spot 24 to 48 hours prior to departure, this cost can drop to a more manageable £85. Of course it still depends on the airport, as some – like London’s – tend to be brimming with passengers 24/7, while others are easier to navigate.

Heathrow Airport
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In Conclusion

To sum everything up, all we have to do is be aware of the situation and open up about possible alternatives along the way. Airport parking is one of those attributes that look harmless at first, but can cost us big time in the end – particularly if we fail to prepare. These tips may be simple, borderline obvious, but at the end of it all, it’s these little reminders that often make or break our whole trip.

∗ This is a collaborative post written by Ben Whilst.

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