First Time Bungee Jumping

Watch I’m bungee jumping for the first time. Have you ever bungee jumped? I’ve never want to bungee jump, but during my trip along the … Read more

Cycling in Algarve, Portugal

Cycling in Algarve, Portugal A short video of my adventure cycling in Algarve. The Algarve is Portugal’s southernmost region, the biggest and most important Portuguese … Read more

Algarve, Portugal

Algarve The Algarve is Portugal’s southernmost region, considered to be the biggest and most important Portuguese tourist region and known for its outstanding Mediterranean beaches … Read more


Havana, Cuba

This is the transcription of the subtitles of my video about Havana posted on my Youtube channel. Havana: What to do in the Cuban Capital … Read more

things to do in Mandalay

Complete Tour of Mandalay

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Complete Tour in Edinburgh

Our complete tour in Edinburgh including footage of: Edinburgh’s Castle, Old Town, the Royal Mile, Saint Giles’ Cathedral, Palace of Holyrood, Holyrood Abbey, Arthur’s seat, Scottish National Gallery, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, The National…

Complete Tour in Oxford

Complete Tour in Oxford, England

Oxford attracts visitors from everywhere, because of its renowned university, and also Harry Potter’s locations set.
In this tour we’re visiting the city center and its attractions, such as: the Bridge of Sights…