Ziplining from Spain to Portugal: The Only Zip Line Across Time Zones

Ziplining from Spain to Portugal, the only cross-border zip line in the world.

Never in your wildest dreams have you thought that you could cross a border in a zip line, right?

While you are in the Algarve or Andalusia, you have the opportunity to do the only zip line in the world between two countries.

During this unique adventure offered by Limite Zero, you slide along the Guadiana River for 720m at a speed between 70 and 80 km / h.

The zip line over the Guadiana River offers beautiful views of the landscape between Spain and Portugal and the two border cities.

And you literally fly through time and go back in time an hour because of the time zone difference between both countries.

The departure is in Sanlúcar de Guadiana (Huelva), arriving at Alcoutim (Algarve). 720 m of pure adrenaline.

It was exciting and I loved it!

Do not miss the zip line from Spain to Portugal with Limit Zero.

Watch Video: Ziplining from Spain to Portugal

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