20 Stunning Pictures to Inspire you to Travel to Cuba

Planning to travel to Cuba? Here are 20 jaw-dropping pictures to inspire you to pack and go.

I first wanted to travel to Cuba in 2011, but as I moved to the United States that year, I had to postpone my dream to visit the island.

After several years visiting many other countries, I finally took a trip to Cuba in November 2017. And I can tell you that it was much better than I expected…

Cuba is fascinating!! It has an interesting history, stunning architecture, gorgeous beaches, captivating countryside, beautiful colonial cities, friendly people and to top it all, it’s a safe and cheap country to travel in. It sounds like the perfect place to visit, doesn’t it? And, believe me, it is!!

Having just returned from there, I can still hear the vibrant Latin music, see the immense, crystal-clear turquoise Caribbean Sea, and feel the fresh air in my lungs.

During my visit I took many pictures, but here I selected my 20 favorite ones to inspire you to travel to Cuba. And the best, as always, there are no edited or Photoshopped images here… 😉

Are you ready???

*Pictures taken with Iphone 7 Plus and Canon EOS 200D. Do you want to take better pictures? Don’t miss this post with 5 Simple Tips to Improve you Travel Photography.

20 Pictures to Inspire you to Travel to Cuba

1- La Habana, Cuba’s best destination and most visited city.

travel to Cuba
El Malecón, Habana Vieja, Central Habana, Vedado… These are just some places to visit in “la Habana”.

2. Wandering around Habana Vieja (Old Havana) will make you feel delighted. 

travel to Cuba
An Afro Cuban on the streets of Habana Vieja, Cuba

3. When you travel to Cuba don’t miss “los cayos” (small islands). I visited four of them and my favorites were Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo. 

travel to Cuba
Playa de los Flamencos, Cayo Coco.

4. Go horseback riding to a Cuban Tobacco Farm in Viñales.

travel to back
The stunning Cuban countryside, Viñales, Pina del Río state.

5. When you’re in Viñales take a trip to Cayo Jutías to relax in the crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea. 

travel to Cuba
Cayo Jutías, Cuba

6. When I started planning my trip to Cuba, I couldn’t get this song out of my mind:  “Ay, no hay que loran que la vida es un carnaval y es más bello vivir cantando, oh oh oh ay…” (Ay, there’s no need to cry, because life is a carnival, It’s more beautiful to live singing…) Célia Cruz

travel to Cuba
Preview of the Cuban Carnival, Cienfuegos

7. Admire the striking architecture of Havana

travel to Cuba
View from the Gran Hotel Manzana, Havana, Cuba

8. Visit Playa Pilar, which is considered the most beautiful beach in Cuba.

travel to cuba
Playa Pilar, Cayo Guillermo, considered the best and most beautiful beach in Cuba.

P.S.: During my visit Playa Pilar was full of seaweed. In fact, the beautiful beaches of Cuba have been spared the influx of vast amounts of smelly sargassum seaweed that have affected the beaches in Punta Cana Dominican Republic and the Caribbean coast of Mexico in recent years.

9. Wander around the streets of Trinidad, a perfect colonial city.

travel to Cuba
Trinidad, Cuba

10. Get some fresh air and admire the breathtaking view of the Valle de Los Ingenios.

travel to Cuba
Valle de los Ingenios, Trinidad, Cuba

11. Discover that Trinidad has the perfect combination of magnificent colonial architecture, untouched and spectacular nature, and the most gorgeous beach of the South coast. 

travel to Cuba
Playa Ancon, Trinidad, Cuba

12. A trip to Cuba cannot be complete without taking a tour in one of the “almendorones” (old cars from the middle of 20th century). 

travel to Cuba
Plaza de la Revolución, Havana, Cuba

13. Visit Cienfuegos, the so-called “Pearl of the South” because of its elegance, refined French style and lively Caribbean spirit.

travel to Cuba
Cienfuegos main square, Cuba

14.  Get 1, 2, 3 or… drinks in Cuba. They’re so good and soooooo cheap… Most of the drinks cost around US$ 2 – 3, but you can even find it for just US$ 1.

travel to Cuba
A Piña Colada is always a good idea.

15. Be in awe of the astonishing colonial architecture that is present everywhere in Cuba. 

travel to Cuba
Santa Clara, Cuba

16. When you travel to Cuba don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about the Cuban Revolution, whether doing walking guided tours or visiting some museums.

travel to Cuba
Che Guevara Mausoleum, Santa Clara, Cuba

17. Make new friends and find out more about the local traditions and customs.

travel to Cuba
My friend “Superstar” who was in the cover of Traveler Magazine.

18. A trip to Cuba is like going back in time. The cars from the middle of the 20th century are everywhere in the country as are the old buildings, houses and “palacetes” (small palaces).

travel to Cuba
Some of those buildings are not well persevered. El Malecón, Havana, Cuba

19. Spend some days in Varadero, the most famous Cuban beach.

travel to Cuba
Sunset at Varadero, Cuba

20. Discover that Havana is incredibly beautiful during the day and also at night.

travel to Cuba
Great Theatre of Havana, Cuba

Here are just 20 extraordinary pictures to inspire you to travel to Cuba, and soon I will publish other posts with more information and videos.

So, what are you waiting for to visit Cuba? If you’re going with kids don’t miss this post Cuba with kids.

Cheers and safe travel 😉 

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6 thoughts on “20 Stunning Pictures to Inspire you to Travel to Cuba”

  1. Great images !! I am Cuban American and went in 2016 and 2017….I too need to wait another year .Hopefully the cleaning up of the country will continue unabated. It is still bad but you should have seen it in the 1990’s. The “Special Period”.

    • Thank you so much Eric!!
      I can imagine it from the book Trilogia Sucia de La Habana, written by Pedro Juan Gutierrez. I would’ve loved it.
      I hope I get chance to go back within 5-10 years to see the difference.
      Cheers buddy


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