20 pictures to inspire you to visit Raja Ampat

Are you planning to visit Raja Ampat? Have you ever heard of it? Don’t worry if you haven’t, you won’t be the only one…

Raja Ampat is an archipelago comprising more than 1,500 small and four major islands situated in West Papua, Indonesia, and is one of those very rare places in the world that is almost impossible to believe really exists.

The Raja Ampat Islands are relatively unspoiled, a far cry from big cities, crowds, pollution and mass tourism. It possesses extraordinary natural beauty with crystal clear water, rich marine life, lush vegetation and exotic fauna, making the area perfect for general unwinding, going on photographic safaris, bird watching, swimming, snorkelling and diving. In fact, Raja Ampat is renowned as one of the best places for diving in the world.

I totally fell in love with Raja Ampat during my visit in February 2017 and it immediately became one of my favourite places in the world.

As one of my blog’s missions is to inspire you to travel more, let me show you some of the reasons to visit Raja Ampat.

20 Pictures to Inspire You to Visit Raja Ampat

1 – Having this amazing crystal clear green water right in front of your hotel.

A jetty surrounded by emerald water and lush vegetation in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Even when the weather isn’t the best the color of the water is amazing.

2 – Deserted beaches

A deserted beach with emerald water
and lush vegetation in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
The combination of crystal clear water, white sand, blue sky, and vegetation is just perfect.

3 – Watching the dolphins playing in front of the boat.

Dolphins swimming freely in the sea, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

4 – Visit Pianemo, one of the most beautiful Raja Ampat islands. 

Pianemo Islands, Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Pianemo Islands

5 – Be in awe of nature’s perfection

Bintang Lake, Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Bintang Lake (bintang means star in Indonesian)

6 – Visit the enchanting Arborek village

A children playing with a wheel and a piece of wood on a sandy street in Arborek village, Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Arborek is the first of 18 villages in West Papua that have developed local regulations to establish community-based marine conservation areas.

7 – You don’t even need a mask for snorkelling in Raja Ampat

A man snorkelling in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

8 – Live life to the fullest

Three children from the jetty in the water, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

9 – Endless stunning beaches

Some canoes docked on a deserted beach in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

10 – Exciting marine life

A man snorkelling surrounded by a school of fishes in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

11 – Swim with mantas

A lady swimming with a manta in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

12 – Be amazed by the beauty of Pasir Timbul 

Pericles Rosa wearing a har, sunglasses and beach short posing for a picture at Pasir Timbul, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

13 – See the bird of paradise, one of the prettiest birds I’ve ever seen.

The bird of paradise on a tree in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

14 – Visit a local village

A kid wearing a colourful T-shirt holding a fishing rod in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

15 – Go diving in Raja Ampat and see its rich and exceptional marine life

Fishes and coral reefs in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

16 – Explore the neighborhood 

Visit Raja Ampat

17 – Make new friends

A man taking a selfie with three kids wearing school uniform in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

18 – Learn how to fish without bait and still catch dozens of fish

A kid wearing red clothes fishing in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

19 – Go bird watching 

A Red Lory on a Papaya tree in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

20 – Master your travel photography skills. 

A man on a jetty taking pictures with his phone, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

These are just 20 pictures to inspire you to visit Raja Ampat.

Stay tuned and safe travels!

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Visiting Raja Ampat

  • Where is it located?

Rampa Ampat is located off the Northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea, in Indonesia’s West Papua province (check map here).

  • Getting to Raja Ampat

You can get to Raja Ampat by plane or ferry.
*By plane
Since December 2016 there are direct flights from Manado to Waisai, the capital city of Raja Ampat. The only company currently operating is Lion Air, a subsidiary of Wings Air.
Another option is to fly to Sorong. There are several flights departing from Jakarta, Bali and Makassar, and some the companies operating are: Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia, Lion Air and Sriwijaya Air.
You can book your flights with Skyscanner or Momondo, which are the websites that I use and trust.

* By Ferry
From Sorong you can take a ferry to Waisai with PELNI, the Indonesia State Ferry. But ferry schedules are subject to change without notice and the best thing is ask your hotel to provide up to date ferry information.
Once in Waisai you need to arrange a pick-up with your hotel.

  • Best time to visit

You can visit Raja Ampat all year round, but being a tropical environment, there are no days of the year where it can be guaranteed not to rain.
The wet season is from June to September, so there is less chance of rain between October and April. However, heavy rain can sometimes fall in December and January.
If you’re planning to dive in Raja Ampat, the best time is from mid-October to mid-December when the sea is very calm, there is little rain and light to zero wind. Avoid mid-June to mid-September because it can have strong winds and horizontal rain.
I visited Raja Ampat at the end of February and arrived there in a very heavy downpour. The next day it also rained in the morning, but the other three days the weather was good.

  • Where to stay in Raja Ampat?

I stayed at Raja Ampat Dive Resort, and if you’re looking for accommodation my recommendations are:
Budget: Raja Ampat Diva Homestay and Kakatua Hostel.
Great Value for Money: Raja Ampat Dive LodgeAlternative Stay and Augusta Eco Resort.
Luxury: Waiwo Dive Resort and Cove Eco Resort.

  • Travel Costs

* Five months travel insurance: US$ 256 with World Nomads
* Raja Ampat Marine Park Entry Permit (PIN): 1,000,000 IDR (US$ 75)
* Ferryboat from Sorong to Waisai / Waisai to Sorong: 260,000 IDR (US$ 20)
* Taxi from the airport to the pier/ pier to airport: 200,000 IDR (US$ 15)
* Four nights at Raja Ampat Dive Resort with full board included of two people: 9,200,000 IDR (US$ 690)
* Boat trip to Pianemo: 6,000,000 IDR the boat for 8 people / we were four, so my part was 1,500,000 IDR (US$ 112)
* Two DSD (Discover Scuba Dive) dives in the jetty: US$ 156
* One DSD by boat: US$ 100
* Bird watching: 400,000 (US$ 30)

Extra Tips

– I highly recommend purchasing travel insurance to get you covered in case of any problem.
– Confirm the boat schedule with your hotel before booking your flights.
– Avoid arriving in Raja Ampat on Sundays, as Sunday is a day of rest and religious traditions for the Christians in the islands.
– Make sure to have enough time from the airport to the harbour and vice-versa.
– Ferries are constantly delayed by at least 30min.
– The only way to navigate from one island to another is by boat and the oil is quite expensive over there.
– Raja Ampat is not a cheap destination, so if you travel with a group of friends you can share the costs of the boat trips with more people.
– Another popular and terrific place to visit is Wayag, but it’s a bit far from where I stayed.
– If you need more information to visit Raja Ampat, check Wonderful Indonesia, the official website of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism.

Travel Planning Resources For every booking made through my site I donate US$ 1 for a charitable organization.Safe travels ☺

10 thoughts on “20 pictures to inspire you to visit Raja Ampat”

  1. Always enjoy reading about new and exciting travel destinations around the world! Had never heard of Raja Ampat before, looks beautiful and peaceful! Great post and photos 🙂

  2. hey ! nice pictures, is it still interesting to visit from Bali if you have no diving license ? (just snorkeling) ?

    • Hey Tim.
      Thanks so much!!
      There aren’t direct flights from Bali to Raja Ampat though.
      I went diving for the first time there and loved it. But snorkeling is wonderful as well, everywhere you go, even in front of the hotel…
      Komodo National Park is also a great option from Bali, and much easier to get there. Just in case 😉
      Cheers and safe travels Tim.


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