How Much Does it Cost to Travel to Cuba in 2024? Prices & Tips

If you’re traveling to Cuba in 2024 and are wondering about the prices, below you find all the information you need to plan your travel budget.

When I first thought about visiting Cuba, the first question I had to ask myself was How much does it cost to go to Cuba? How expensive is Cuba? I had no idea how much money I would need for over 2 weeks in Cuba.

I started planning my trip and travel budget by reading blogs about where to go and the costs of traveling to Cuba and discovered that prices were reasonable.

Cuba isn’t cheap, but it is not as expensive as other countries in the Caribbean.

I was expecting to spend around US$ 700 – 800 during the 19 days that I would spend in Cuba. How much money you need to bring to Cuba will depend, of course, on your travel style.

travel to Cuba travel costs
Playa de Los Flamencos, Cayo Coco, is one of the places that I wanted to go to in Cuba.

P.S. 1Things in Cuba have changed since my visit. I have friends on the island, in Havana and Trinidad, and they’re keeping me posted with the current prices in Cuba. I updated this post based on the information they provided me and friends’ recent trips to Cuba.

P.S. 2 – With the end of the CUC (Cuban Convertible Pesos), plus the lack of tourists and shortage of food supplies, Cubans have seeing an increase in prices on the island. So, expect to spend a bit more than what I did.

Cuba is a fascinating and very unique country! It has an interesting history, stunning architecture, gorgeous beaches, captivating countryside, beautiful colonial cities and friendly people.

But when planning your Cuba travel budget it’s important to know a few things:

The country no longer has a dual currency system. Since January 2021, the official Cuban currency for tourists and locals alike is the Cuban Peso (CUP).

How Much Does it Cost to Travel to Cuba in 2024? Prices & Tips 1
Cuban Peso, CUP, bills. Now there are even 500 and 1000 notes.

– The government has set the exchange rate of 24 pesos per American dollar.

– You don’t need to worry about which currency you should bring to Cuba anymore. You can bring dollars (American, Canadian and Australian), Euros, Pound sterling (GBP) or Swiss francs and exchange them in an official Cuba money exchange, locally known as Cadeca (Casa de Cambio).

Before 2021, American dollars were taxed 10% commission when you exchanged them. But on January first, the government lifted this charge.

– Debit cards and cards from American Banks aren’t accepted so you can’t pay bills with American Express and Diners. Visa and Mastercard are accepted by hotels and travel agencies.

– However, casas particulares, restaurants and cabs only accept cash.

– There are ATMs in most tourist destinations, so if your ATM card will work (check with your bank), do not worry about how much cash you need to take to Cuba. But bring some euros, pounds or Canadian and American dollars as a backup.

– During the time that I was in Cuba, the British pound was the strongest currency. However, if you’re travelling to Cuba from the UK or Canada, my recommendation is to buy American dollars or Euros, because they are widely accepted.

– Even though there’s a slight value difference between American dollars and Euros, on a daily basis in Cuba it’s widespread to exchange 1 USD for 1 euro. So, if you’re in Europe, you should consider getting some US dollars, if the exchange rate it’s favourable to you.

– Remember that currency rates can fluctuate daily, however, the changes in Cuba are very slight. Check the current rates on the Central Bank of Cuba website here.

Exchange rates in Cuba, 08/02/2024
Exchange rates in Cuba, 08/02/2024

P.S.3: Despite the fixed rate for the American dollar, 24 CUP, in the Cadecas you will find it for 110 CUP, and in the black market between 150 and 280 CUP.

Cuba Prices for Tourists 2024

If you’re planning to travel to Cuba in 2024, here are some of the prices for tourists:

Taxi from Havana Airport to the Old Town: USD 30

A room in casas particulares: USD 20

A room at Hostal La Maestranza, Havana: USD 50/per night

A room for two guests at Melia Cayo Santa Maria (all inclusive): Average USD 140/per night

A room for two guests at TRYP Cayo Coco (all inclusive): Average USD 120/per night

A room for 2 adults and 2 children at Barceló Solymar (all-inclusive) in Varadero: Average USD 170/per night

Breakfast in casas particulares: between USD 5 – 7/per person

Continental breakfast: 770 CUP/per person

Full breakfast: 2400 CUP/per person

The average meal in ‘upscale’ restaurants is USD 50-80/per couple. In local restaurants, you can find a meal for USD 20-40/per couple.

Brunch at Kempinski Hotel with Capitolio view: USD 60/per couple

Vintage car tour: USD 30/ for an hour

Tourist attractions (museums, fortress, etc): Between 100 – 200 CUP

Internet: 25 CUP/hour

A bottle of water (300ml): 250 CUP

Local soft drink: 20 CUP/glass

A pack of crackers: 200 CUP

Car rental for 7 days: USD 400 + USD 211 Insurance

Especial gasoline, 94Octane: 30 CUP/Litre


  •,, Expedia, etc, are currently not working in Cuba. Book your room straight on the hotel’s website or in a casa particular.
  • I don’t recommend renting a car in Cuba, they are old and can give you too much headache. Take a taxi colectivo (shared taxi) instead.

How much does it cost to travel to Cuba in 2024?

After I posted some pictures of my trip to Cuba and published the 20 Stunning Pictures to Inspire You to Travel to Cuba post, everyone asked me: “Is Cuba expensive?” and “How much money do you need to travel to Cuba?”.

Cuba isn’t an expensive country! But of course, your Cuba travel costs will vary according to your travel style.

If you only stay in hotels/resorts and take private transfers it will cost much more than staying in casas particulares and taking shared taxis or buses.

If you’re traveling to Cuba in 2024, expect to spend an average of US$ 1,800 (£1,500) per couple for a 7-day trip. So, US$ 900 (£750) per person and US$ 130 (£108) per day. * Airline tickets are not included.

* This would be for a trip spending a few days in Havana and others in the all-inclusive resorts in the Cayos or Varadero. If you take a backpacker-style trip, like mine, staying only in casas particulares, I would say that you can expect to spend between US$ 60 – 70 per day.

how much does it cost to travel to Cuba per day
View from the rooftop of the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski La Habana, the most expensive hotel in the city.

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P.S.4: From this point, nothing has been updated. But you still can use it as reference and to draw your itinerary 😉

Before showing my Cuba travel costs breakdown, let me give you a hint of your main expenses.


A big part of your budget to travel to Cuba will be the cost of your round-trip flight.

In my case, almost 40% of my Cuba travel costs were spent flying from Sao Paulo (Brazil) to Havana with Copa Airlines.

I bought the tickets not that far in advance and paid approximately US$ 700.

However, you can find flights to Cuba for as low as US$ 300 from New York and US$ 450 from London. But be aware that most of the cheap flights to the Caribbean are during the hurricane season, from June to November. Statically, the riskiest period is from mid-August to early October, so you should avoid travelling to Cuba during this time of the year.

Travel Insurance

It’s required that all visitors have travel insurance in order to get a visa to travel to Cuba.

World Nomads is one of the most popular travel insurance companies among independent travelers, and is usually my personal choice.

However, in this case, I got my travel insurance to travel to Cuba with a Brazilian Company, Seguros Promo, which had the cheapest option at US$ 44.

Check if World Nomads provides coverage for Cuba from your home country here. From the US it does not.


Cuba has a complicated visa policy with most countries’ citizens requiring a tourist card before entry.

There are a few countries that are exempt but also a few where you have to get a full visa, so it will be best to check before it here you go.

Prices vary from country to country so don’t forget to put some money aside in your Cuba travel budget to pay for your visa/tourist card.

In Brazil, it costs only US$ 20.


If you want an authentic experience and to reduce your Cuba travel costs, you should stay in casas particulares, a type of accommodation common across the country and popular among budget travelers.

A casa particular is usually the home of a Cuban family who rents out rooms or even whole floors to tourists.

Most casas particulares charge around US$ 20 – 30 per night for a room with a double bed (except in Havana and Varadero, where it’s more expensive). But if you’re a solo traveller, you can always try to get a discount.

Staying in a casa particular will not only keep your Cuban budget down, but you will also have the opportunity to develop friendly relations with the owners of the house, get deeply involved in the local culture and contribute directly to improving the living standards of Cubans.

I spent a total of 277.50 CUC on accommodation, which was about 31% of my Cuba travel budget.

casa-particular-cuba cuba travel costs
Casas particulares, the best way to save money with accommodation in Cuba


Of course, your Cuba travel costs will depend on how many cities you visit and how you will travel from one destination to another. The more you move, the more you will spend.

Even though there is only one bus company, Viazul, in the whole country available to tourists, travelling within Cuba isn’t expensive.

Cuba Prices of transportation
Víazul buses price still in CUC, but I’m trying to get the one in CUP

But many people, especially those who are backpacking in Cuba, opt for a taxi colectivo (shared ride) instead of taking the old and dusty Viazul buses.

You can get a taxi colectivo everywhere in Cuba. You can ask the owner of the house you’re staying to book one for you, or if you prefer you can go to the bus terminals as the drivers usually hang around there.

Taxi colectivos are generally the same price or sometimes even cheaper than the buses, but you will have to wait for the car to be fully occupied (4 passengers) before you can depart.

I only traveled by land in Cuba and took one Viazul bus.

If you want to contain your Cuba travel costs I suggest you take taxi colectivos and negotiate the rides with the drivers.

More than once, my friend and I were paying less than the other tourists in the car.

I spent 191.50 CUC on transportation, about 21% of my total expenses in Cuba.

Taxi colectivos, the best way to save money with transportation when traveling in Cuba
Taxi colectivos, the best way to save money with transportation when traveling in Cuba

Food and Drinks

The food in Cuba is basically the same everywhere: rice with some beans, salad and meat (seafood, beef, chicken or pork). And the prices are very similar whether you eat at the restaurants in Old Havana or at the casas particulares: 10 CUC for dinner/lunch.

Generally, things are more expensive in Havana, so if you use my Havana prices as a guide, you’ll know you should be even better off in the other cities.

The breakfast served at Havana casas particulares is around 6 or 7 CUC and everywhere else around 5 CUC.

If you eat where locals eat, believe it or not, you can spend less than 1 CUC on a meal. But be aware that those places are hard to find and you may not like the appearance of the restaurant or the food (as the friend whom I traveled with, did).

I’d suggest having breakfast at casas particulares because it’s more convenient, lunch in restaurants, and dinner in either casas particulares or restaurants.

Some days I had burgers and pizzas for dinner, which is even cheaper, so I did not spend much money at all on food in Cuba.

Similarly, I’m not a drinker so didn’t spend much on alcohol.

But if you like to drink, you will be in heaven in Cuba. I found drinks for 1 CUC in Trinidad, soft drinks for 0,50 CUC in Varadero and the most expensive alcoholic drink I found was a daiquiri at El Floridita for 6 CUC.

P.S.: Drink prices in Cuba have increased in 2021. On one of the menus above of a restaurant in Havana, a beer costs US$ 3.50 and a wine glass US$ 5.

Drinks prices in Cuba
A Piña Colada is always a good idea.

Tours and Attractions

Of course, once you’re in Cuba you’ll want to take tours, visit some tourist attractions and have wonderful experiences.

Sightseeing in a vintage car, dancing the salsa, horseback riding to a tobacco plantation and swimming in the crystal-clear turquoise waters of Playa Pilar, the most beautiful beach in Cuba, should all definitely be on your Cuba bucket list.

To have a better idea of how much money those things cost in Cuba, here are some examples:

– Entry to Revolution Museum, Havana: 8 CUC

– Vintage car city tour, Havana: 25 CUC / a car for a couple

– Fábrica de Arte Cubano, the best place to go out in Havana: entrance fee: 2 CUC, mojito: 3 CUC

– Taxi Colectivo from Havana to Viñales: 15 CUC

– Horseback riding to a tobacco plantation, Viñales: 17.5 CUC

– Hop-on hop-off bus in Varadero: 5 CUC

Now that you have a general idea of how much it costs to travel to Cuba, I’m going to break down my Cuba travel costs.

Breakdown of my Cuba travel Costs per Destination

I travelled to Cuba with a friend, but I’m listing only my own expenses below.

P.S.: I kept the prices in CUC and to make things easier you can consider 1 CUC = 1 USD.


Accommodation: 90 CUC / 4 nights

Food: Breakfast 28 CUC + Lunch 22 CUC + Dinner 31 CUC + Snacks 7.75 CUC = 88.75

Transportation: Taxi from the airport 15 CUC + Taxi within the city 21.5 = Taxi colectivo to Viñales 15 CUC = 51.5 CUC

Attractions: Revolution Museum with guide 10 CUC + Museo Napoleonico 2 CUC + Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña 6 CUC + others 5 CUC = 23 CUC

Extras: Vintage car city tour 12.5 CUC + Donation 4 CUC + Miscellaneous 28.3 CUC = 44.80 CUC

How much does it cost to spend 4 days in Havana? 298 CUC / 4 days = 74.50 CUC / day


Accommodation: 37.5 CUC / 3 nights

Food: Breakfast 11.8 CUC + Lunch 15 CUC + Dinner 21 CUC = 47.8 CUC

Transportation: Taxi colectivo to Cienfuegos = 25 CUC (regular price 30 – Viazul bus 32)

Tours & Attractions: Horseback riding 17.5 CUC + Day tour 16 CUC + Day trip do Cayo Jutias 12.5 (regular price 15) = 46 CUC

Extras: 4 CUC

Total of my Cuba travel costs in Viñales: 160.3 CUC / 3 days = 53.50 CUC


Accommodation: 25 CUC / 2 nights

Food: Breakfast 2 CUC + Lunch 11 CUC + Dinner 4 CUC + Snacks: 2.1 CUC = 19.1 CUC

Transportation: Viazul bus to Trinidad 6 CUC

Tours & Attractions: 6 CUC

Extras: 6 CUC

How much money did I spend in Cienfuegos? 62.1 CUC / 2 days = 31 CUC /day


Accommodation: 37.5 CUC / 3 nights

Food: Breakfast 9.5 CUC + Lunch 20.6 + Dinner 12.50 = 42.6 CUC

Transportation: Taxi colectivo to Cayo Coco 25 CUC + Taxi to Playa Ancon: 4 CUC = 29 CUC

Tours and Attractions: 15 CUC

Extras: 14.6 CUC

How much does it cost to travel to Trinidad for 3 days? 138.7 CUC / 3 days = 46.20 CUC / day

Cuba travel budget
A took a tour of Valle de los Ingenious in Trinidad and I really recommend it.


Accommodation: 25 CUC with breakfast included / 2 nights

Food: Lunch 11 CUC + Dinner 7.8 CUC = 18.8 CUC

Transportation: Taxi from Cayo Coco to Moron 10 CUC (regular price 50) + Taxi colectivo from Moron to

Cayo Santa Maria & Santa Clara 30 CUC (120 / car) = 40 CUC

Tours: Full day tour to Cayo Coco & Cayo Guillermo = 15 CUC (60 a car with driver)

Morón Travel costs: 98.80 CUC / 2 days = 49.40 CUC / day

Cayo Santa Maria

Playa las Terrazas entrance fee: 5 CUC (1 drink included)

Lunch: 9.5 CUC

Extras: Internet 1.5 CUC

A day at Cayo Santa Maria: 16 CUC / day

Santa Clara

Accommodation: US$ 10 / 1 night

Food: Breakfast 1 CUC + Lunch 6 CUC + Dinner 9 CUC = 16 CUC

Transportation: Taxi colectivo to Varadero 15 CUC (Viazul bus 11 CUC) = 15 CUC

Extra: 1 CUC

Total: 42 CUC / day

how much money to bring to cuba
I wasn’t planning to travel to Santa Clara initially but had to stay there for one night.


Accommodation: 52.5 CUC with breakfast included/ 3 nights

Food: Lunch 11 CUC + Dinner 12.6 CUC + Snacks: 7.3 CUC = 27.5 CUC

Transportation: Transfer Varadero – Havana Airport with Cubatour 25 CUC = 25 CUC

Tours & Attractions: Hop on hop off bus 5 CUC = 5 CUC

Extras: 10.7 CUC

How much does it cost to travel to Varadero? 120.7 CUC / 3 days = 40.20 CUC day

Havana is by far the most expensive city in Cuba, and Cienfuegos is the cheapest one that I visited.

I spent under 40 CUC in Cienfuegos probably because I didn’t take any tours apart from a boat to visit a fortress because we bought food at the supermarket to eat at home and also because the bus ticket to Trinidad was very cheap.

How much does it cost to travel to Cuba per day?

I was in Cuba for 19 days and spent a total of 887.2 CUC (US$ 905 or 813 euros), 46.7 CUC (US$ 47.60 or 43 euros) per day.

PS.: Prices are based on the currency exchange rates of November 2017.

I’d say that now, in 2023, you can expect to spend around US$ 60 – 70 per day if you’re a budget traveler. For a mid-range budget, expect a daily amount between US$ 70 – 120, and for a luxury holiday, anything from US$ 150 upwards.

The total cost of my trip to Cuba with flights, visa and insurance was US$ 1677. I believe this is a very reasonable price for a 20-day holiday. Don’t you?

Of course, I could’ve spent less money if I had found a better price for my airline ticket, taken the buses the Cubans take, eaten where locals eat or travelled to fewer cities.

But I liked my itinerary a lot and was travelling comfortably without worrying too much about my travel budget and enjoying my time in one of the most precious Caribbean destinations. So should you!

Safe travels and enjoy Cuba.

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Have you ever traveled to Cuba? What do you think about my Cuba travel costs? Leave a comment below 😉

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