Railay Beach, Thailand

Another great place in Thailand whether to relax or spend the whole day doing tours.

Railay is isolated from the mainland and the only way to get there is by boat. There is two side of Railay: East and West. I stayed on the West side which is calmer and more undeveloped than the other one. The streets are not pavemented and dark, but totally safe.

Another option is to stay in Krabi and spend the day in Railay.

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The feeling of the middle-of-nowhere will make you forget everything. I loved Railay and wished I could’ve stayed more…

Some of the attractions are:

  • Rock climbing: this beach is very well-know for rock-climbing and has some cliffs and attracts beginners and experts.
  • Phra Bang Beach: the most visited beach in Railay and it’s just a few metesr of many of the hotels located on the east side
  • Phra Bang Shrine: this shrine located on a cave according to a legend is dedicated to the spirit of a drowned princess who gave the beach her name and attracts curious from all over the world. The phallic symbols are associated with fertility and virility and should be treated with respect once many fishermen and boatmen still make donations to ensure a safe journey.
  • View Point: perfect for watching the sunset and get a bird-eye view of the bay.
  • Chicken Island: great for snorkeling and famous for its “chicken” shape.
  • Poda Island: the crystal-clear turquoise water, powdery sand and this big rock shooting majestically from the water is from otherworldly.
  • Tup Island: the islands connected by sandbank with crystal-clear water that you will not believe that is true… I was astonished!!
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