How to fly business class with TAP

How to fly business class with TAP Portugal

Traveling to Europe once again from Brazil, I had a long-haul flight from São Paulo to Amsterdam, with KLM, and then another 2:40 from Amsterdam to Lisbon with TAP Portugal.

After 11:30 in an economy comfort seat with KLM, which was really good by the way, I used some of my miles to upgrade for business class with TAP Portugal.

The Airbus A319 had 3 rows with 3 seats on each side for the business class, but only 12 of those seats (aisle and window) were available for passengers.

The seats were very comfortable with enough legroom for my long legs (I’m 6.1’), but the seats reclined only as much as the seats in the economy class.

Just after the airplane had taken off and the seatbelt sign switched off the flight attendant came by with the menu and asked if I wanted a blanket and a pillow. I really missed being welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine as soon as I had a seat as other companies used to do.


Even though it was only a 2:40 flight TAP served a full meal for the business class. The menu in four languages had smoked salmon and green salad as an appetizer, two options for the main course (pasta or beef) and dessert.

The wine list had great options with an emphasis on Portuguese wines, and my favorites were the red Dona Maria, from Alentejo, and W&J Graham’s sweet port wine. But they also had beers, soft drinks, vodka and whisky.

A flight attendant took my order, and after the sparkling wine and a mix of nuts, she served the meal. The food served came in the right temperature, tasty and enough to make me full.

There was a crew member only for the business class who was very attentive and friendly. The service was just outstanding!

It is impossible not to notice the difference between the service in the economy and the business classes. The customer service is more personal and careful which makes flying in first or business class a more enjoyable and pleasurable experience.

I really missed some entertainment on board. The flight attendant told me that TAP is deciding which model of entertainment they will use and right now for the Airbuses there isn’t any entertainment. I hope that they can figure it out soon.

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With no TV or movies to watch, I ended up reading TAP’s magazine and taking a nap after lunch.

The flight was very smooth and I was very glad to fly business class with TAP Portugal for the first time. If you can afford it or upgrade with miles, it’s totally worthwhile.

It was great to be in Portugal visiting friends and family and enjoying some of the most beautiful beaches in Algarveagain.

Praia do Camilo.

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  1. Hello, Péricles! Thanks for the link-up. I have never had experience flying business class but I’m still hoping to have one of my long-haul flights bumped-up for upgrades. haha.

    I’ve also read about your experience on Phi Phi Island and me, as well, am looking forward to visiting there this coming summer. However, I have recently come across a news that the island is currently closed. Hopefully, it opens up again in time for my vacation.


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