Where to Swim with Pigs in the Bahamas: 7 Stunning Pig Islands

Wondering where to swim with pigs in the Bahamas? In this post, you will find 7 stunning pig islands, where you can have one of the most unique experiences in the Caribbean.

We all know the saying “If pigs could fly” but did you know they could swim?

The famous swimming pigs of Exuma took the world by storm and our feeds were inundated with adorable pictures of these irresistibly cute animals swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Bahamas.

Luckily, Pig Beach, located on Exuma Cays, is no longer the only place where you can swim with pigs in the Bahamas. There are other islands and some of them are very close to to Nassau, Bahamas’s capital.

There are several tours departing from Nassau and you’ll have the chance to play with the delightful swimming pigs and piglets, relax on heavenly white-sand beaches, and snorkel with colourful fishes.

If you want to know where to swim with pigs in the Bahamas and how much it’s going to cost you, do not worry because I’m covering everything in this post.

White and Gray Bird on the Bag of Brown and Black Pig Swimming on the Beach during Daytime, Exumas, the Bahamas
Is swimming with pigs in the Bahamas on your bucket list?

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Where to Swim with Pigs in the Bahamas

1 – Pig Beach

Big Major Cay, ‘the original Pig Beach’, is an island inhabited only by pigs located around 82 mi southeast of Nassau, and 50 mi northwest of George Town, Exuma’s capital.

Pig Beach is the best place to see the swimming pigs in the Bahamas. There are about 20 pigs and piglets, of all sizes and colours, roaming freely around this stunning island with powdery white and breathtaking crystal-clear turquoise water.

Two children playing with pigs and piglets at Pig Beach, Exuma, Bahamas, with some people in the crystal-clear water in the background

To get to Pig Beach from Nassau you can either book a full-day Pig Beach Tour by powerboat or with flight included. By powerboat, you will spend US$ 439 if you book this tour, or US$ 467 if you opt for this one. By plane will cost you approximately US$ 783 if you book this one, or US$ 750 if you choose this one.

If time and money aren’t a problem for you, my recommendation is to go to Pig Beach. This was what I did, and I loved it.

Sailing along the crystalline water with different shades of blue of Exuma Cays is an unforgettable experience. Apart from swimming with pigs, you will also get the chance to pet sharks, feed iguanas and snorkel at Thunderball Grotto, where two James Bon movies were filmed.

2 – Pear Island

The closest island to Nassau where you can swim with pigs is Pear Island, also known as Sun Cay.

This a private sun-drenched paradise surrounded by sparkling turquoise water with four bars, an array of lounge chairs and hammocks is located on Nassau’s northern coast, only 4.6 mi from Cruise Port Terminal.

When booking this half-day tour to swim with the pigs on Pear Island, you will interact with the pigs for around 40 minutes, unwinding and lounging in the sun on powdery white-sand beaches and taking a dip in the azure-blue waters.

The tour costs US$ 143 with lunch included. If you want to do water activities and feed iguanas you can pay extra on the day.

If you are an adventurous person, you can book this tour with lunch & kayaking included for US$ 189 or this Jet Ski Tour for US$ 225. And if you are travelling with kids, this Half-Day Guided Cay Cruise, Sea Life Watch & Snorkel for US$ 299 is a great option.

3 – Rose Island

Rose Island is a small, elongated island in the Bahamas that lies approximately 5 km (3 mi) east of New Providence Island (where Nassau is located).

This unmatched private island destination, just a 25-minute boat ride from Nassau, with no roads, infrastructure, and permanent residents, offers daily visitors a dreamy island escape.

To go swimming with pigs on Rose Island, you need to book a tour from Nassau or Paradise Island. The half-day tours cost between US$ 175 and US$ 252.

You will travel by speed boat and explore different islands off the coast of Nassau. You will snorkel among Pear Island’s rich marine life, walk along turquoise beaches and discover the turtles on Green Cay. Not to mention swimming with pigs on Rose Island.

Below are some of the tours that I recommend. They all offer free cancellation, and you can reserve now and pay later.

two brown and black pigs swimming in the sea in the Bahamas
Rose Island is one of the closest places where you can swim with pigs if you’re in Nassau or Paradise Island

4 – Eleuthera

Eleuthera is a long, thin island in the Bahamas archipelago known for its famous pink sand beaches.

This Bahamian Island is located approximately 230 mi east of the southern tip of Florida and 50 mi east of Nassau. It is another place where to swim with pigs in the Bahamas.

When booking a Full-day Eleuthera Adventure with Swimming Pigs Tours by powerboat from Nassau, you will feed and swim with Eleuthera’s pigs, visit Spanish Wells, a beautiful and quaint fishing village, pet wild-sea turtles, and snorkel on the vivid coral reefs of Rose Island.

The tour costs approximately US$ 350 with snacks, lunch, water and alcoholic beverages included.

Eleuthera Island, the Bahamas
The beautiful Eleuthera Island, the Bahamas

5 – Abaco

The Abaco Islands is a 120-mile-long chain of islands in the northern Bahamas, located about 193 miles east of Miami, Florida.

The swimming pigs of Abaco may not be as famous as their long-lost relatives on the Exumas, but they also live in a piece of paradise called No Name Cay (a.k.a. “Piggyville”), a small island just south of Green Turtle Cay.

This isn’t where to swim with pigs if you’re vacationing in Nassau or Paradise Island. However, if you’re planning a trip to the Abaco Islands, it’s a great option.

Brendal’s Dive Center & Water Sports, located on Green Turtle Cay, offers three different swimming pigs group tours. Two half-day tours (one only to No Name Cay for US$ 55 and the other to Mun Jac Cay Lagoon, where you can hand feed the Rays, and No Name Cay for US$ 125). The full-day tour with tree activities costs US$ 165.

The swimming pigs of Abaco, the Bahamas
No Name Cay or Piggyville is another stunning island where you can swim with pigs in the Bahamas

6 – Freeport

If you’re wondering where to swim with pigs if you’re in the Grand Bahama Island or Fort Lauderdale, Freeport is the place to go.

The second-largest city in the country and the main city on Grand Bahama, an island in the northwest Bahamas just 80 mi off the Florida coast, is known for the oceanfront Lucaya district, which features developed beaches, resorts, shopping, golf courses and many casinos.

When booking a half-day Freeport Swimming Pigs Experience, you can splash in the Caribbean Sea with wild pigs and soak up the gorgeous scenery of Crystal Beach. You will also travel through Freeport into the old village of West End to enjoy picturesque coral reefs and a turquoise sea filled with tropical marine life.

The tour costs US$ 90. Drinks and lunch are not included.

If you’re in Fort Lauderdale, you can book this 3-hour ferry or this tour. But the reviews aren’t good for both of them though.

A brown and black short coated piglet roaming around the beach, the Bahamas

7 – Treasure Island

This option is only available to cruise ship passengers because it’s a shore excursion.

If you cruising with Norwegian Cruise Line to Great Stirrup Cay or with Royal Caribbean to Coco Cay, you can book a swimming with pig tours with Bahamas Treasure Island.

The island is located very close to these two private cays and they will pick you up and drop you off at your vessel.

Currently, there are 43 pigs and some of them were brought from a slaughterhouse in Nassau. They have paddock areas located above the beach with fresh water, plenty of shade, a farrowing area and of course food. They happily engage with the tour attendees.

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Where to Swim with Pigs in the Bahamas: 7 Stunning Pig Islands 1

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How much does it cost to swim with Pigs in the Bahamas?

The price of a Pig Beach Tour depends on which island you will swim the pigs and the kind of tour you book.

But it varies from US$55, for a powerboat group tour on Abacos Islands, to US$ 750 for an Intimate Pig Beach Excursion with flight included from Nassau to Exuma.

Whether you decide to make your way to Exuma or swim with pigs on the other Bahamian islands, I believe you will have a remarkable time playing with these adorable animals.

Keep in mind that isn’t only about the pigs, but also the opportunity to explore and enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the island you’re visiting.

Safe travels and have fun in the Bahamas.

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