Using the CapCut Online Photo Editor for Making Artistic Masterpieces

Making artistic masterpieces from ordinary photos is no more difficult with the right editor i.e. the CapCut online photo editor.

This incredibly amazing online editor allows you to make the most impressive transformations to via its number of professional magic tools that make dramatic changes and edits e.g. AI Photo Colorizer or AI video generator.

If you have never used the CapCut online photo editor before, must read this article till the end. It will help you learn about how this incredible editor helps in making impressive transformations and what specialities it offers to users for an incredible experience. So, let’s start having a look at them!

CapCut Photo editor

AI Background Change

The first and foremost feature of this incredible online photo editor is that it comes with the AI background change feature.

By using this incredible online photo editor, you can change the background of any photo you want.

Whether your photo contains a clear background or it has a very noisy background with no clear edges, this editor will fix and replace it instantly on your command.

Background Remover

Similarly, it also allows you to remove the background of any photo without even specifying its borders or edges just like we do on manual editors.

Instead of worrying about it, simply go to the editor, upload your photo, and activate the background remover tool. It will instantly remove the background of your photo without any difficulty.

Color Optimization

Similarly, you can also optimize the colors of your photos by making just one click on the color optimization button under the design section.

Whether you want to optimize the colors of your photo by the editor itself or want to pick up one of the matching color palettes by yourself, this color optimization feature is the best one to pick.

Image Upscaler

At the same time, it also allows you to upscale the images that you take with your ordinary or professional cameras.

Take any poor or average-quality image and upscale it to make it look more beautiful, more quality-oriented, more interactive, and clearer with an AI image upscaler on CapCut online.

Photo Colorizer

You can also colorize your black-and-white photos by using this editor’s one-click AI-based photo colourized.

Just like the other AI-based tools on this editor, you also don’t need to perform several lengthy steps here to colorize your photo.

Similarly, you don’t also need to apply any core knowledge of adjusting and balancing hues, RBGs, saturation, etc. Instead, just upload your photo here and let the editor make the desired changes for you.  

AI Portrait Generator

Here, you can also generate the most impressive and artistic portraits from your photos with one-click AI technology.

It does not only simply convert your photos to a portrait but gives you several options to pick the type of portrait you want to create.

Moreover, these AI-based portraits are more perfect and more beautiful than the ones you create by using the manual editor.

Old Photo Restorations

Here, you can also restore your old photos with the editor’s AI-based old photo restoration tool, Whatever defects, blurs, and issues your photos have due to becoming old and obsolete, you can fix them instantly with this incredible old photo restoration tool.

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Low Light Image Enhancement

Similarly, you can also uplift the visuals and aesthetics of your photos here by fixing the poor light issues in them.

Sometimes, the images come out dull due to the poor light in the background or sometimes there are other reasons.

Whatever the reason, you can fix this issue by using CapCut’s low-light image enhancement function online with just one click.

AI Style Transfer

Last but not least, it also allows you to change the style of your photos to make them look more interactive and more beautiful.

For example, suppose that you want to upload a photo to your social media account. Before you upload it there, change its style by using this online editor and see how positive and surprising results it brings.

User Guide for CapCut Online Photo Editor

The user guide for the CapCut online photo editor is as follows.

A picture being edited with CapCut Online Photo Editor

●     Step 1: Create Account

Create your account here with a free signup option. Then, open the online photo editor on your browser.

●     Step 2: Upload

Upload a photo here or choose one by using the drag-and-drop option.

●     Step 3: Edit

Edit it now by using any tools you want. This online editor offers full functionality to make any type of change to your photos.

●     Step 4: Save

In the end, save your photo by clicking on the download button.


The online photo editor by CapCut is one of the most impressive and professional online editors to make artistic changes to photos.

Let’s give this perfect and free-to-use online editor a try and mesmerize yourself through the results.

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