All You Need to Know About Travel to the US During Winter and Visas

Whether you’re travelling to the US during winter as a tourist or for business, you will need to know about the US visitor visa types before you travel.

It’s always best to prepare yourself, but if you’ve found it challenging to find the correct information, don’t stress.

Read on to find out all you need to know about travel in the US during winter and two essential visas to choose between.

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Which visa do you require to visit the US during winter as a tourist?

The visa you will need if you want to visit the US during winter as a tourist is the B2 visitor visa. This visa usually has a six-month validity before it expires and is ideal for tourists and visitors who require medical treatment.

The B2 visa will permit you to visit some spectacular locations in the US, and if you’re travelling in winter, you should consider some amazing places.

What are some of the best US locations to visit during winter as a tourist?

Some of the best US locations to visit during winter include:

  • Alaska, where you’ll find the Northern lights, a Christmas festival, blankets of snow, and frozen lakes.
  • Montana – home of Christmas celebrations, breathtaking mountain views and Flathead National Forest.
  • Colorado – a place where you can take in spectacular, exhilarating views and hiking activities, as well as the Winter Craft Beer Festival.
  • New York – the ideal location for sightseeing and fun winter activities. You’ll also find the illustrious Central Park and a pop-up Christmas Market in New York.
Winter wonderland in Central Park, New York City
Winter wonderland in Central Park.

Which other activities can you engage in with a B2 tourist visa in the US?

You can engage in several activities with a B2 tourist visa in the US. You’ll be able to:

  • Visit relatives and friends
  • Compete or participate in sporting activities
  • Take part in social activities

Which activities are not possible with a B2 tourist visa?

The main activity that you cannot engage in with a B2 tourist visa in the US is to take up work or a job. You can’t accept a temporary or permanent position with a B2 tourist visa.

All You Need to Know About Travel to the US During Winter and Visas 1

Travelling to the US in winter for work: Which visa should you choose?

In other situations, you may consider winter travel to the US for work. If you plan a short-term business trip, this activity will require a B1 visa.

What is a B1 visa, and how long does it last in the US?

A B1 visa is a document you can apply for if you need to travel to the US for temporary business activities. If you’re a B1 visa holder travelling to the US in winter for work, some activities you may complete include:

  • Attending a meeting
  • Consulting work
  • Attending a convention
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Attending training events
  • Completing research
  • Speaking as a lecturer

You can complete these activities over a period ranging from one to ten years, but ensure the maximum number of days you spend in the US doesn’t exceed 180 days within a year if you intend to use the visa several times.

When can you use an Electronic System for Travel Authorization? 

Suppose you don’t want to apply for a conventional visa but wish to extend your stay. In that case, you may consider applying for a Visa Waiver Program (VWP) through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization.

The ESTA is an electronic system that visitors can use to speed up the application process, as it takes just 15 minutes to fill out the application.

What are the benefits of the ESTA?

If you need to fast-track your application, the incredible thing about the ESTA is the processing speed. Officials will process your application within just 72 hours.

Visit the US in winter with the correct visa

You have all the facts required to visit the US in winter with the correct visa. All you have to do now is make your application.

Have a safe trip, and have a fantastic stay no matter the purpose of your journey.

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