Albufeira Beach Exploration – Algarve, Portugal

Albufeira Beach Exploration – Algarve, Portugal 

* This is the transcription of the subtitles. You can jump to the end and watch the video with English subtitles.

Morning guys.

I’m Péricles Rosa from the blog 7 continents 1 Passport.

I’m in Albufeira, in the Algarve, Portugal.

And today I’m going to do some beach exploration. I’m taking my bike, because apart from exercising a bit,  I can get tanned and show you the city.

Albufeira, an old fishing village, is now the largest resort town in the Algarve and during the summer the population grows to around 300,000 residents.

There are approximately 25 beaches in Albufeira and today I’m visiting just a few of the most beautiful ones. But I will make another video with some more beaches.

So guys, after biking for almost an hour, I have finally arrived at Arrifes Beach. Let’s see what is waiting for us.

Arrifes is a very small beach with three massive isolated rock formations hat dominates the horizon and make this beach look so surreal.

The infrastructure is very good and there’s a restaurant, life-guards on duty, chairs and umbrellas for hire, and three different parts.

From above you have a better idea of ​​the size of this beach.

Now I’m going to follow the trails along the cliffs to access the other part of this beach. This third part, accessible from the cliffs, is much quieter than the other two.

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Following the path along the cliffs will get you to the next beach. After less than 5 min I arrived at one of the most beautiful beaches in Albufeira, São Rafael Beach.

São Rafael Beach is another gorgeous Albufeira beach surrounded by orange cliffs and with an excellent infrastructure.

It’s very popular among locals and tourists and one of the interesting aspects is at hight tide you need to pass through the cliffs to get to a second section.

The viewpoints of São Rafael Beach are very well known, but be careful while taking pictures.

From here you can also take very nice kayak tours!

São Rafael Beach is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Albufeira!

Following the trail paths along the cliffs you discover beaches that are not on the tourists’ radar.

After almost 40min walk, I arrived at “Rabbit Beach”, the one that I consider the most beautiful beach in the Albufeira and with no doubts one of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve.

Rabbit Beach was simply love at first sight!

The crystal-clear azure water contrasting with the yellow cliffs leave all visitors in awe. And the view from the viewpoint looks like a dream…

Rabbit Beach also has a very good infrastructure and there is a restaurant, wooden walkways, chairs and umbrellas for hire and plenty of space for your towel. But at high tide you can only get to the other sections of this beach from the cliffs.

You can also do Stand Up Paddel Boarding here and for 15 euros / hour.

Now I’m going all the way back home to get into the pool because unfortunately the sea here in the Algarve is very cold.

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See you next time. Kiissssesss

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