Oahu, Hawaii.

Oahu is the mainland island of Hawaii, the most populated and important one. Its capital, Honolulu, is the busiest and largest city among all the Hawaiian Islands.

And however Honolulu is too big and busy to be considered a paradise, whether in Oahu or in the other islands you will find your own piece of paradise on Earth.

I went to Hawaii for the first time in September of 2012 and I fell in love so bad that I went back to Hawaii in February of 2013. Hawaii is much more than a surf meca and beautiful beaches. There are many things to do in Oahu including: hikes, canyons, volcanos, swim with dolphins, museums, waterfalls and of course otherworldly beaches.

Hawaii is one of my favorite places on Earth undoubtedly!

Things to do in Oahu

  • Honolulu

  • Waikiki Beach: the most popular beach in Hawaii and the one with the easiest access. The water is pristine, the view is wonderful and it’s a perfect beach to learn to surf and to take the whole family.
  • Diamond Head: an extinct volcano in the middle of the city. Good spot for hiking, getting a bird-eye of the city and watching the sunrise.
  • Hanauma Bay: one of the best beaches on Oahu and places for snorkeling in Hawaii.
  • Halona Blowhole: became famous after the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Sandy Beach: a surf paradise with strong and dangerous waves.

    Sandy Beach, a surf paradise.
  • Lanikai

Considered one of the most beautiful beach in the world. It’s not in vain that Mr. president Barack Obama spends his vacation in this area.

Waimanalo Beach

Another gorgeous beach in Oahu, located close to Lanikai.

Nu’anu Pali Lookout

One of the most scenic points in Oahu.

North Shore

  • Waimea Bay Beach: known for its giant waves and cliff jumping.
  • Waimea Valleya World Class Botanical Gardens and Historical Site.
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