Preikestolen Hike, Norway

Preikestolen or Pulpit Rock is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Norway and its hike attracts thousand of adventures from all over the world.

Kjerag, Preikestolen and Trolltunga became popular recently specially because of social media, and those spots are the most photographed sites in Norway.

After doing the Kjeragbolten hike, the next day I woke up early in the morning to have breakfast, checkout of the hotel and take a 40min ferry, then a 20min bus ride to Preikestolen.

When I got there I left my luggage at the mountain lodge. It was such a beautiful sunny day, perfect for this hike, and perfect to enjoy the wonderful view from Pulpit Rock.

From the beginning of Preikestolen hike I realized that this hike would be completely different from Kjerag. Plenty of trees, an easy path to follow, and I could enjoy the view of a beautiful lake when I turned back.

I was not the only person who decided to enjoy this lovely day and visit one of the most famous points in Norway.

The trail was so crowded, people from everywhere and of all ages, from babies strapped to mother’s/father’s chest, to seniors, and even dogs (actually I saw dogs on all the hikes that I did in Norway).

The path was narrow and I had to follow it in order to get to the summit. It meant that I had to wait and respect every one else’s pace.

There were also a lot of rocks to help make the steps, plus mud and lush vegetation providing shade and a magnificent vista.

The only way that I could see the fjord was the final kilometer, exactly where the path disappeared and I was able to walk anywhere on the plateau, until the last meters where I could reach Preikestolen.


The fjord is so huge that it completely blew my mind.

From Pulpit Rock I had a 180 degrees view of this divine vista. I could not even tell where the fjord started or where it ended…

The sun made everything even more beautiful, especially the deep dark green lake.

The great thing about the hike to Pulpit Rock is that you can climb some mountains and be in a more private area, with fewer people and have an exclusive and privileged view.

I was exhilarated there and wished to linger, but I had to find my way back to take the 2:45 bus to Odda, where I would do my greatest physical challenge so far, the most dreamed of and desired hike, Trolltunga.

Watch video: Preikestolen Hike

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Planning to Hike to Preikestolen

Where is Preikestolen located? 

The Pulpit Rock lodge is located near the main road (Rv 13) south of Jørpeland and can be reached by car or, in the summer, by bus from Tau. From there, there is a trail to the Pulpit Rock.

How to get Pulpit Rock?

∗ By bus: there is a bus ferry  from Stavanger to Tau and then a bus from Tau to the Preikestolen operated by Tide Reiser.

∗ By car: From Stavanger take 39 south to Sandiness, 13 east to Lauvik, crossing the ferry (NOK 58 for a car, not including passengers) to Oanes, and continue to Preikestolen (well marked).

∗ There is a paying car park in Preikestolen, an information booth and sanitary facilities (May-September).

Best time to hike Prekeistolen?

∗The hike can be done the during the whole year, but it’s advised to do from April to October.The best time is during the summer though.
∗ The bus runs from end of March to November (in 2018 from March 24th to November 30th). And the ferry is included on the ticket as well.
∗ You can get the ferry ticket on the pier and bus once you crossed the lake, but I highly recommend to book everything in advance.

Where did I stay?

I stayed at Scandic Stavanger City.

Travel Costs

∗ Norwegian Airline flight from Oslo to Stavanger: US$71.
* Two nights at Scandic Stavanger City with breakfast included: US$ 150.
∗ Ferry and bus to Pulpit Rock, then Odda: US$ 77.

Additional Information

∗ All the hikes in Norway are at your own risk.
∗ Use appropriate clothes for hiking.
∗ Bring food, water, maps, and a first aid kit.
∗ There is no cellphone coverage in certain areas.
∗ This hike takes around 2h each way.
∗ Norwegian Airline and Sas operate flights from Oslo to Stavanger.
Tide Reiser bus company.
∗ More information regard accommodation, transportation and the hikes can be found at

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