Zambezi Rive Rafting Video

When you visit Victoria Falls, you cannot miss the Zambezi River Rafting! It is acclaimed as “wildest one-day whitewater run in the World” and considered one of the best raftings in the world.

The rafting is available all year around, but the start point changes depending on the level of the water level.

The best time is from September to early November though.

In general from late-July to Mid-January you can start at rapid #1.

Unfortunately the year I was there, in August, there water was still very high and we could start only from rapid #7. And we starting flipping our boat. It was a high water flip or “tube stand” in Rapid #8. It may look scary, but we had such a great time!

My Zambezi River Rafting was 15Km long, from rapid #7 to 21 and last around 3h. The full day rafting is 25Km long and goes from rapid #1 to 25.

Remember that the Zambezi River Rafting is call 5 and only guests under 18 years old need a consent and signature of a guardian.

I”m so glad that I went rafting on the Zambezi River and it was undoubtedly one of the greatest experiences in my life!!

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